20 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas

Halloween is the time to show how creative you are and we can dress up the way we want and nobody will judge you. It’s all in fun. But we don’t have much time and that is why I have come up with easy Halloween costumes ideas.

Lets have a look at the most interesting

Halloween Costume Ideas DIY

For people of all ages be it kids or adults.

With minimum effort and time you can make these last minute Halloween costumes ideas unique and catchy.

Even if you are not that crafty and creative(me neither),you will have really easy time getting it done.

After reading this article you won’t have to ask yourself “What will I be this Halloween”?

Your Halloween decorations and costumes both will be top notch.Trust me.

1.Unicorn Costume

halloween costumes ideas
Details on craftaholicsanonymous

This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids and is very easy to make. It does not take much time to make. You need white leggings, white felt, pink felt, gold tape.

2.Ghost Family

Halloween dress
Details on countryliving.com

All you need is white paint,black eye shadow,cheesecloth and plastic chain.

3.Bat Costume

halloween costumes ideas
details on goodhousekeeping

Things needed are broken black umbrella,safety pins,black electrical tape and foam for ears.


halloween costumes ideas
source : goodhousekeeping

The costume looks very colorful and it is apt for the occasion.

5.Minnie Mouse

halloween costumes ideas
Details on iamstyle-ish

If you are a fan of Minnie mouse this is apt for you. You need polka dots, black leggings, yellow pumps and in 10 minutes you are good to go.


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6.Raining Men

halloween costumes ideas
Details on studiodiy

This is quite interesting if you want to be surrounded by your crushes this Halloween. Things needed are photos of your heartthrobs, scissors, umbrella, dress, rain boots.

7.Squirrel Astronaut Costume

halloween costumes ideas

It is one of the most creative Halloween costumes.

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8.Marty Mcfly and Doc

Halloween dress

This will now remind you of the famous Hollywood movie Back to the Future

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9.Baby On Granny’s Back

halloween costumes ideas
Find details here

This costume looks so unique but it is very easy to make.

10.Book Fairy

halloween costumes ideas
Check the source

Book fairy is one of the cutest costumes for kids.They just love it.


halloween costumes ideas
details on abeautifulmess

This is completely out of the box and makes you stand out. Things needed are terracotta acrylic paint, green crepe paper, galvanized wire, boxes, wire cutter, scissors.

This is a unique way to celebrate Halloween and one of the best Halloween costumes ideas for women.

12.Scuba Diver

kids with Halloween scuba diver costume
Details on delineateyourdwelling

This is one of the very interesting DIY Halloween kid’s collections. You need a sponge hair curler, cotton rope, black electrical tape, litter bottles, chalkboard paint.

13.Hot Dog Costume

Girls in group for Halloween
Details on studiodiy.com

It is so easy yet very funny Halloween costume. So you and your friends can wear a combination of red and yellow. Things required are 8-inch pie tin, headband, scissors, paintbrush.

This surely is a great example of Halloween costume ideas for groups.

14. Carry Me In A Box

halloween costumes ideas
For details check here

This again looks interesting and one of the best examples of Halloween costumes ideas for adults as it looks funny and creative. All you need is a sturdy box, duct tape, wire, glue, and a Halloween mask.

15.Butterfly Wings

halloween costumes ideas
Full Information here

This butterfly Halloween costume is one of the easiest costumes.You just need leggings,homemade butterfly wings.

16. Family From Space

halloween costumes ideas
Details on telloveandparty

The space costume is a perfect example of Halloween costume ideas for couples.

17.Half Man Half Woman Costume

halloween costumes ideas
Details on Costume Works

This Halloween idea looks so appealing and very unique. I would definitely recommend it. It is like a breath of fresh air.


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18.Pineapple Costume

halloween dress
Details on thediaryofadebutante

This is another one of the easiest DIY Halloween costumes ideas. All you need is a yellow dress, toilet paper roll, green felt, old headband, and hot glue.

19.Planet Halloween Costume

Kids in Halloween dress
Details on delineateyourdwelling

This is very easy but looks really fantastic. You need hula hoops,pipe cleaners,hot glue,gold spray paint,plastic airplanes.

20.Disney Costume

girl in halloween dress
Details on colormecourtney

This is a classic example of Halloween costumes ideas for teens.

21.Middle Aged Barbie

halloween costumes ideas
Check for details

One of the most innovative ideas,you need U Haul space saver wardrobe boxes and pink spray paint.

Few More Halloween Costumes

halloween dress
halloween costumes ideas
halloween costumes ideas
Details on boredpanda
Halloween costumes ideas
Details on Gift of curosity

Halloween Costume Shopping

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If you have some other ideas do let me know I would love to share with my readers.

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